Ever since I found out I’m going to study abroad, I started looking up online what I’m getting myself into. Generally reading other peoples experiences enlightened me a little. I am well traveled, however I’ve never traveled alone or lived alone. So moving to Rome then Milan will be a new adventure for me.

I’m not the best writer, speller or “grammar-er?” (hated english literature class)  but I hope you enjoy reading about my journey! I’ll keep it light and positive and full of pictures.

So Basically…

I’m going to Italy to study Interior design (always been a passion of mine).

First off Rome, to learn Italian in a language institute EF. i’ll be staying with a host Italian family, which I’m pretty excited about. Maybe they’ll be cooler than mine and ill ask them to adopt me, who knows.

Then off to Milan, to actually start studying interior design. if your going to study anything design, you might as well do it in the World Capitol of Design “Milan.”

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