Chilling at a desert island


Taking a mini trip before taking on Rome.

If you ever thought of taking your vacation in the middle east (that is if the term “middle east” doesn’t scare you) Then probably Dubai would come to mind. You might even get lucky and get arrested by a cop in a Lamborghini. Or you would consider Qatar since it’s a rising country that usually hosts Tennis games, with big players like Rafael Nadal. It will also soon host the FIFA WorldCup ( i think that’s still going on) anyway..

Bahrain's skyline

Bahrain’s skyline

I ended up going to Bahrain. A tiny little island that’s being overshadowed by its other brothers Qatar and U.A.E. I totally sympathise with Bahrain, because I’m a middle child so i get it.

Now a days, I think Bahrain is getting more tourists because of the Formula One races and the number of Expats increased, which means more families coming over to visit. So more tourists means more hotels and resorts to accommodate all those visitors. One of my favourites is the Ritz Carlton hotel and spa, the one I ended up staying in. There are a lot to see and do in Bahrain, from enjoying the art scene, wining and dining, diving for purls and racing cars at the F1 track. But all I wanted to do is relax all day by the beach and get some retail therapy done at the mall.


This kind of weather paralyses you and forces you to enjoy the view. Other than sipping on cocktails and watching people get sunburned, You can have lunch and enjoy the flamingos. flamingos are like the ballerinas of the animal world.


While you wait for everyone to get dressed, you can sit by your window and admire the designers work.



That’s not even half of it.. theres an infinity pool by the beach where you get to eat sushis and makis along with other people. That’s where I met a nice group of people who flew all the way from London (obsessed with their accent) to attend a wedding, apparently the bride and the groom couldn’t agree on where to have the wedding. She wanted it in Philippines ( in her home town) and he wanted in England (in his home town) since they met in Bahrain years ago, they agreed half way on the location.

The staff was really friendly, you would just open your eyes “would you like anything else ma’am?” You also get approached by the manager who would invite you and other random people to play games. I ended up playing Petanque, we had 2 body builders in our team. I thought we would win, but we lost miserably. It didn’t matter though, because we all got along well and ended up hanging out together after the game.

anyway.. those were the main highlights of my trip.  I advise everyone to take a few days off just to relax and unwind.. completely clear your mind. Relieve yourself from all your responsibilities, tell your  partner/friend/relative.. someone .. anyone .. to completely take charge and your main job is to put on you sunglasses and just chill.

A Skinny Fat Person







Carbs..carbs and even more carbs .. With that in mind,I realised that my daily jog won’t cut it. I really need to get in even better shape to survive all of these guilty pleasures I will face in Rome.
I’ve decided to start a fitness program with my brother (that way theres no way out of it). We’re at day one, took measurements so that we can see our weekly progress.
Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 1.25.55 PM /
You can try it too, click here.

Some of the workouts can be done at home with basic fitness equipments, but some days I’ll still need the gym.

download (6)

I remember how my sister gained a lot of weight, after she got back from California. So, I’m trying to avoid that path. Plus, this April I’ve been super lazy. Eat, Sleep, Eat, Repeat.

Time to put on my sneakers..



and turn things around.



“Give me the camera you don’t know how to take pictures” …  -.- At some point that gets annoying to hear. So, I bought a pro Nikon camera and took a photography course. Because.. why not


This one is my favourite

This one is my favourite

mm palm2 kkk

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I love palm trees and thought I would make a little palm tree collection since there are 6 at home. I wanted to capture them from different angles and what not. I’m still a beginner but at least I can take decent pictures now. I really liked this site on Easy photography Tricks, for all you beginners out there.


Ever since I found out I’m going to study abroad, I started looking up online what I’m getting myself into. Generally reading other peoples experiences enlightened me a little. I am well traveled, however I’ve never traveled alone or lived alone. So moving to Rome then Milan will be a new adventure for me.

I’m not the best writer, speller or “grammar-er?” (hated english literature class)  but I hope you enjoy reading about my journey! I’ll keep it light and positive and full of pictures.

So Basically…

I’m going to Italy to study Interior design (always been a passion of mine).

First off Rome, to learn Italian in a language institute EF. i’ll be staying with a host Italian family, which I’m pretty excited about. Maybe they’ll be cooler than mine and ill ask them to adopt me, who knows.

Then off to Milan, to actually start studying interior design. if your going to study anything design, you might as well do it in the World Capitol of Design “Milan.”